Blank Thermal Transfer LabelsLable Orientation

In-Stock Direct Thermal Labels

For Zebra, Intermec, DataMax, Sato & most other bar code printer manufacturers.

Labels ship same-day order is placed for orders received before noon Eastern Standard time

Label material is blank, white, coated direct thermal paper. Adhesive is general purpose permanent

All labels in below table DO NOT require a ribbon in order to print.

Labels finished on rolls with 8 inch diameters and 3 inch cores.

Labels have gaps between each label for sensing.

All labels, except those with the designation "NP", have a perforation in the gap between each label.

Part Number Width X Length Labels Across Core Size Labels Per Roll Rolls Per Case Labels Per Case
RD-1-1-5500-31X113 inches5500844000
RD-1-4-1500-31X413 inches1500812000
RD-15-1-5500-31.5X113 inches5500844000
RD-15-125-4450-31.5X1.2513 inches4450835600
RD-15-15-3600-31.5X1.513 inches3600828800
RD-2-1-5500-32X113 inches5500844000
RD-2-2-2900-32X213 inches2900823200
RD-2-3-1900-32X313 inches1900815200
RD-225-1125-4450-32.25X1.12513 inches4450835600
RD-225-125-4450-32.25X1.2513 inches4450835600
RD-25-1-5500-32.5X113 inches5500844000
RD-25-2-2900-32.5X213 inches2900823200
RD-3-1-5500-33X113 inches5500844000
RD-3-15-3600-33X1.513 inches3600828800
RD-3-2-2900-33X213 inches2900823200
RD-3-3-1900-33X313 inches1900815200
RD-3-5-1200-33X513 inches120089600
RD-3125-5-1200-33.125X513 inches120044800
RD-35-1-5500-33.5X113 inches5500422000
RD-35-15-3600-33.5X1.513 inches3600414400
RD-4-1-5500-34X113 inches5500422000
RD-4-15-3600-34X1.513 inches3600414400
RD-4-2-2900-34X213 inches2900411600
RD-4-25-2500-34X2.513 inches2500410000
RD-4-3-1900-34X313 inches190047600
RD-4-4-1500-34X413 inches150046000
RD-4-6-1000-34X613 inches100044000
RD-4-65-900-34X6.513 inches90043600
RD-45-25-2500-34.5X2.513 inches2500410000
RD-45-45-1400-34.5X4.513 inches140045600
RD-45-6-1000-34.5X613 inches100044000
RD-6-4-1500-36X413 inches150046000
RD-6-6-1000-36X613 inches100044000