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   Bar Code Products:

    Laser Scanners

    Cordless Scanners

    RF Computers

    Batch Computers

    Bar Code Printers

    Bar Code Design SW

    POS Scanners

    Bar Code Verifiers

    Mag Stripe Readers

    Decoders / Wedges

  Thermal Transfer Ribbons

  In-Stock Labels:

     Blank White Labels

    Hang Tags & FanFold Lbls

    Portable Printer Supplies

    Blank Color Labels

    Removable Adhesive

    Polyester Labels

    Round Labels w/ Colors

    Laser Printer Labels

  Pre-Printed Labels:

    Warehouse Labels

    Asset Labels

    Harsh Environment Labels

    Name Plates

        Custom Labels




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 Did you know?

>When labeling warehouse pick locations it is easiest to apply bar coded labels by level.  This way a lift can be set once at a desired height then moved down an aisle during label application.


>Thermal transfer printers, over time, can accumulate a “baked on” layer of material on their printheads.  This material can cause printed images, including bar codes and graphics, to appear “ghosted” or smudged.  Instead of replacing printheads, sometimes a quick “sanding” with a specialized  film solves the problem.


>Colored logos and graphics can be easily added to your blank labels to keep your name in front of your customers and keep your materials handling personnel scanning the correct labels.


>Reflective labels mounted to rigid backers can be suspended over bulk storage areas and can be scanned from the floor with variable focus lasers.


>For thermal transfer ribbons, use a width that is slightly wider than the width of the label and liner.  By keeping the liner from making contact with the printhead, the liner won’t wear a groove into the printhead.


>When labeling assets, “tamper void” labels will eliminate label switching by users.  Destructible vinyl labels will also ensure that users cannot remove or re-apply labels.


< < <  Mobile RF Workstation     click the picture or this text for more pictures


Wireless Thin Client (5250 or VT-220 emulation) with full size display, keyboard and mouse


Full size wireless thermal / thermal transfer bar code label printer holds 8 inch OD rolls of labels


Hands free or gun-style bar code scanner—can be wireless also


On-board re-chargeable battery provides 8+ hours of use between charges


Cart has oversized wheels for ease of movement, thin profile to allow for use in tight spaces, top work surface is switch controlled for easy height adjustment

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